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Project Category: System solutions

Multi Array Scanner

Cutting of material with stripes or squares Automatic recognition of the pattern and adjusting the parts to the material. Workflow: 1. Scanning of the material 2. Loading of the parts to be cut 3. Defining of the pattern repeat 4. Start automatic Mode 5. Automatic notch recognition


Plotting width: 180 or 220 cm Printing Speed: 65/70 sqm/hr or 120/130 sqm/hr

Robot and gripper system

The offload-system (with robot and gripper system) is particularly suitable for removing materials from cutter tables. Fields such as fiber composite, automotive, textile / leather and aerospace estimate the possibility for the selective removal of blanks. The bullmer offload-system is flexible and can easily be integrated into existing processes. Various gripper versions enable individual applications.

Clouver Industrie 4.0

Functions BASIC Dashboard-app​ Role- and function-specific dashboarding of the operating and machine data Statistics and controlling Productivity, real-time, and bottleneck analyses Remote diagnostics, early warning systems, and alarms Benchmarking and production planning Monitoring and reporting (exports) Fault statistics and reasons for downtimeMachine management app for machine integration and overviewAdministration app for access rights, role concepts, and user …