If you upholster with textile or leather or both – the single ply cutter Premiumcut can improve your production. Accurate cutting improves productivity in sewing and upholstery.

The Premiumcut cuts plain fabrics and patterned fabrics straight from the roll, this allows efficient nesting saving expensive upholstery fabric.

In combination with the well proven leather system from RG Technologies the Premiumcut forms a technically matured leather system. Whether half or complete hides – the Premiumcut cuts reliably and correctly. Leather prices rise and skilled labour is scarce, the Premiumcut optimizes leather use and uses skilled labour productively – look forward to significant savings and perfect cutting quality.

If you offer both leather and fabrics the sales mix will change week by week and the Premiumcut is capable of cutting both.

Scanner system for automatic recognition of pattern repeat for patterned fabrics, this copes with bow, skew and repeat variations in patterned fabrics.

Sample Configuration:


Working width 1.400 mm to 5.000 mm
cutting window length 1.200 mm – 3.200 mm (other measurements on request)
Unwinding unit AWV-A with centre drive and edge alignment
Automatic vacuum chamber sectioning
Vacuum unit (e.g. 7,5 kW)
Electric rotary knife
Notch Module
Drill Module
Pen Module
Material Handling system

Multilayer cutting

Working width 1.800 mm to 2.200 mm
cutting window length 1.800 mm; 2.500 mm and 4.200 mm (other measurements on request)
Driven unwinding unit for plastic foil
Procut D 8001 CV – Multilayer cutting machine
Vacuum unit (e.g. 17,5 kW)
Oscillating knife
Recommendation of spreading machine: Compact E 600 or E 1700 / E1800
Option: Labeling

procut innenausstattung-02


Working width 1.800 mm to 2.800 mm
3 or 4 zone system
Vacuum unit with (e.g. 2 x 7,5 kW)
Automatic vacuum chamber sectioning
Electric oscillating knife
Electric rotary knife
Drill Module
Notch Module
Pen Module
Leather Nesting Solution: RG Technologies
Beamer solutions and automated solution

Your time advantage by exchanging the material rolls:


Material Roll Magazine „Transroll-P“ in combination with the unwinding unit AWV-A with
centre drive.

Other unwinding units depending on material type and material characteristics are available as well.