With a maximum cutting height up to 80 mm (compressed under vacuum and depending on material) the Procut high ply cutter of bullmer is the right cutting solution for fashion and apparel if you want output, time savings and perfect quality.

In combination with the suitable spreading machine the Procut’s effectiveness is enhanced.

In the sample department and for small orders or special measure garments the Premiumcut single ply cutter is a good alternative. Through its high speed you process your material single ply straight from the roll of fabric.

Pattern matched fabrics, such as checks and stripes, are cut accurately by the Premiumcut in combination with the bullmer scanning system.

The advantage: With the Premiumcut single ply cutter you do not have to use a plastic foil to fix the material on the belt due to the use of electric rotary blade and notch tool.

It is also possible to save energy costs by using smaller vacuum pumps.

There is also a big range of unwinding unit which you can choose regarding your material specifications

Sample Configuration:


Working width 1.400 mm to 5.000 mm
cutting window length 1.200 mm – 3.200 mm (other measurements on request)
Unwinding unit AWV-A with center drive and edge alignment
Automatic vacuum chamber sectioning
Vacuum unit (e.g. 7,5 kW)
Electric rotary knife

Multilayer cutting

Working width 1.800 mm to 2.200 mm
cutting window length 1.800 mm – 4.200 mm (other measurements on request)
Driven Unwinding unit for plastic foil
Procut D 8001 CV – Multilayer cutting machine
Vacuum unit (e.g. 17,5 kW)
Stich knife
Recommendation of spreading machine: Compact E 600 or E 1700 / E1800
Option: Labeling

procut innenausstattung-02


Working width 1.800 mm to 2.800 mm
3 or 4 zone system
Vacuum unit (e.g. 2 x 7,5 kW)
Automatic vacuum chamber sectioning
Electric oscillating knife
Electric rotary knife
Drill Module
Notch Module
Pen – Modul
Leather Nesting Solution: RG Technologies
Beamer solutions and automated solution

Your time advantage by exchanging the material rolls:


Material Roll Magazine „Transroll-P“ in combination with the unwinding unit AWV-A with
center drive.

Other unwinding units depending on material type and material characteristics are available as well.