The cutting machine for mass flow

Target market:
Upholstery manufacturers, garments industry, automotive industry, leather processors, processors of technical textiles and composites, graphic industry (sign & packaging).
Woven and non-woven technical textiles, composites, sheet materials, rubber, flooring and a wide range of synthetic materials, printed textiles, PVC, and much more.
Outstanding advantages:
The premiumcut elc is the most flexible single-ply-cutter. It stands out with the following features:
modular construction upgrade and tailor your premiumcut elc to your needs at any time!
easy handling through fast and easy tool exchange
very flexible customized production
all materials one cutter
working width from 1400 mm to 5000 mm!
acceleration up to 2G and cutting speed up to 120 m/min
(2m/s) accelerate your production!
more robust 2 motor drive system (gantry drive) speed and acceleration guaranteed
across even the largest machines
beam clearance 60 mm (cutting height up to 50 mm) cut a wide range of thick
materials on one machine
vacuum pump with low electricity consumption
the conveyor enables an automatic material transport directly from the roll

» Download the PREMIUMCUT ELC product description and general features overview directly as PDF | 2.4 MB