Clouver Industrie 4.0




  • Role- and function-specific dashboarding of the operating and machine data
  • Statistics and controlling
  • Productivity, real-time, and bottleneck analyses
  • Remote diagnostics, early warning systems, and alarms
  • Benchmarking and production planning
  • Monitoring and reporting (exports)
  • Fault statistics and reasons for downtimeMachine management app for machine integration and overviewAdministration app for access rights, role concepts, and user management


Maintenance monitor

  • Predictive maintenance using machine-learning
  • Display of individual maintenance parameters
  • Projection of spare part or maintenance demandOverall equipment effectiveness (OEE Index)
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • QualityProfessional service for Clouver customization
  • Software gateway for machine integration
  • Hardware gateway for machine integration
  • Development of apps